Goldacid SACA Conc.

Agent neutralization and washing indeed dispersant.

Fields of Application:

  • Neutralization and washing fleas, bleaching and dyeing.
  • Reactive Suds.
  • It can be applied in continuous and batch processes.
  • Setting the pH for dyeing polyester and mixtures thereof.


  • Multifunctional agent that optimizes the purges washing processes, alvejamentos and mercerizing.
  • By having synergistic combination of acids permits the neutralization of the fiber and the bath not only keeping the pH constant of the tissue during the game.
  • Avoids the formation of salts from the neutralization and impair subsequent processes of dyeing and finishing pattern.
  • Product does not foam.
  • Product has good stability if stored as directions of Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Sensitive to high temperatures, and may have turbidity from 35 ° C.
  • This product complies with the parameters required by the OEKO-TEX® certification.
  • This product fits the requirements of ZDHC program (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals).

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