Golden Easy-Care ES

Surface modifying agent for easy care finish agent of cellulosic fibers and mixtures thereof.

Fields of Application:

  • Finishing yarn, fabrics and mashes of cellulose, mixed and synthetic fibers.


  • It promotes superficial alteration of the fibers.
  • An increase in the breaking strength of fabrics.
  • Touch Smooth, silky and voluminous.
  • A more uniform construction of the article and thus a better visual appearance.
  • An increase in color intensity.
  • With the superficial modification of the fibers, gives the wires greater volume.
  • Can be combined with softener in its application.
  • Has excellent wash fastness.
  • Product has good stability if stored according to SDS. Avoid sudden variations in temperature, as there may be a change in physical appearance.
  • This product suits the requirements of ZDHC program (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals).

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