Fastdry PES

Moisture management agent for a durable hydrophilic, antistatic and soil release finish of polyester fibers and their blends with cellulosic fibers.

Fields of application:

  • Durable hydrophilic finish on polyester fibers and their blends with high fastness to wash.
  • Antistatic finish on polyester fibers.
  • Soil release finish on polyester fibers and their blends.

Features and benefits:

  • Different hydrophilic properties, it increases comfort during use through moisture transport. It decreases the static charge of treated substrates. It helps in mechanical shrinkage of fabrics and facilitates the printing process and textile rework.
  • Soft touch, decreasing the fabric process issues especially in cutting and sewing, due to allowing easy placing, separation and handling fabric layers. It decreases the static adhesion during exhibition in showrooms and clothing use.
  • It improves soil release properties. The clothes can be easily cleaning during the washing process.
  • High fastness to wash, particularly in polyester and aramid fibers. The fabric performance remains after multiple laundering cycles.
  • The product has good stability if it is stored according to SDS guidelines. Avoid sudden changes of temperatures.

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