Goldcare ALOE

Extremely smooth finish and nice touch applied to natural fibers, synthetic and mixtures thereof, helping the natural balance of the skin. Intended to pijamas, bad sheets, underwear, sportswear and in general for all types of fabric that are dedicated to making direct contact with the skin.

Feitures and Benefits:

  • Articles treated with Goldcare ALOE are characterized for the following purposes:
  • Extremely soft and pleasant touch.
  • Excellent elasticity.
  • High anti wrinkle properties, even with temperature combined with moisture from the body.
  • Enhance the effects of “Wash & Use” Articles comprising cellulosic fibers, wool, synthetic and its blends.
  • Reduces the use of synthetic resins on articles made of cellulosic fibers and blends with synthetic, due to improvement of its properties.
  • About the knitwear has greater resilience.
  • Optimizes the degree of permanence in use.
  • Full preservation of the characteristics of textile materials.
  • High strength of finishing under home laundering and dry cleaning conditions.
  • Virtually no influence on the strength properties of red and printed articles.

Aloe Vera extract also has the following properties:

  • Cell Regenerator: it prevents premature wrinkles and delays the natural aging of the skin.
  • Repair: avoid rashes, grains and redness, closing the pores quickly.
  • Invigorating: it stimulates the reproduction of new cells.

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