Goldguard BOOSTER

Aliphatic booster for use with fluorocarbons. GOLDGUARD BOOSTER is a short-chain aliphatic polyurethane dispersion with functional groups to improve the properties and permanence of fluorocarbon finishes on all types of textile substrates.

Fields of Application:

  • Improves resistance to washing and repellent finishes to water, oil and dry dirt.
  • Improves the properties of film formation of fluorocarbons.
  • Fully free of solvent, formaldehyde and oximes. Low VOC.
  • Low temperature polymerization (120-130°C).
  • Reduced yellowness when over-cured or when subjected to high temperatures.
  • Improves compatibility and stability.
  • Characteristics and benefits:
  • Easy preparation of the bath.
  • No subsequent singeing.
  • Product has good stability if stored according to SDS guidelines.
  • This product meets the parameters required by OEKO-TEX® certification.
  • This product complies with the requirements of the ZDHC program (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals).

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