goldquest NS

Dispersing agent of hardness salt and auxiliary in dye solubilization.

Application area:

  • In distarch enzymatic or oxidative.
  • Pre-treatment and bleaching of articles with fibres of cellulose, animal, synthetic and its mixtures, and in pre-bleaching of articles with fibres of cellulose and animal.
  • Continuous, semicontinuous and discontinous processes.
  • Mercerization bath.
  • Dyeing with direct dyes, reactive, vat, sulphur, acid and dispersed.
  • Washing after bleaching process, dyeing and stamping with reactive dyes, in equipment with strong bath agitation and continuous washing machines.


  • Goldquest NS disperses hardness salt forming a resistant dispersion for equipments with strong agitation of bath and long duration processes. It can be used for dyeing of polyester in high temperature.
  • Improvement the dyes solubility that present difficulty to become fluid themselves, improving the coloristic income of dyeing.
  • It assures better igualization and income of dyeing with reactive dyes hardness sensitive.
  • It facilitates the removal of reactive dyes hydrolysed in the washing after the dyeing and stamping.
  • It does not present foam formation.
  • It protects the machinery against inlay formation proceeding from inorganic salt deposits.
  • It removes inlay of dirty machinery with these precipitated.

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