Goldsperse UG

Last generation of dispersing agent for dyeing with reactive dyes

Application fields:

  • Used in dyeing with direct dyes, reactive dyes, sulphur dyes, acid dyes and disperse dyes.
  • Used in subsequent washings to the dyeings and prints with reactive dyes, in equipment with strong in
  • agitation of bath and continuous washer. Degumming bath and bleaching of articles with fibers of cellulosic,
  • animals, synthetic and their mixtures and in pre-bleaching of articles with cellulosic and animals fibers .
  • Continuous and semi-continuous processes


  • It improves the solubility of dyes that develop difficulty dissolving, improving the coloristic performance of the dyeing.
  • In dyeing of articles of polyester and polyamide fibers with disperse dyes, helps the stability of dispersion.
  • It facilitates the removal of hydrolyzed reactive dyes in subsequent washes to the dyeings and prints.
  • It works in the crystal structure of hardness salts present in the process, facilitating their dispersion in water.
  • Prevents the deposition of calcareous salts on the substrates and dispersed the impurities taken from the fibers. This product doesn´t present foaming.

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