For those who know how to use the natural resource wisely.

GOLDEN TECHNOLOGY invented and patented the process Dye Clean®, which reuses the dye bath of the fabrics. Focusing the efficiency and sustainability, Dye Clean has became a market leader producing high quality dyed fabrics.

DYE CLEAN® is an exclusive process of GOLDEN TECHNOLOGY.


Dye Clean is a process of dyeing cellulosic fibers with reactive dyes. It consists of reusing the water of dyeing baths and decreasing dastically the amount of salt and chemical inputs without interfering in the quality. The process guaratees a degree of reproducibility and levelling properties better than the conventional.

Water savingsCheChemical and auxiliariesBENEFITS

Guarantee of reproducibility and levelling properties

Cost of dyeing and wastewater treatment

Security of finishinf process

Environmental impact and use of natural resources

  • Salt savings 80% 80%
  • Chemical and auxiliaries savings 50% 50%
  • Water savings 80% 80%


A technology bath

GOLDEN TECHNOLOGY is a sustainable initiative company. Its commitment to the preservation of natural resources has led to the development of the DYE CLEAN process, which reuses bathing in fabric dyeing.

DYE CLEAN® has been tested and proven in more than 20.000t of fabric.

Save up 80t of salt to dye 100t of cellulosic fibers in deep shades.

DYE CLEAN® has been theme of 3 PhD’s in Europe and is, up to now, alredy present in 8  countries.