Goldpal CS

Nonionic concentrate detergent and low foaming.

Fields of Application:

  • Substrates degumming with synthetic fibers, cellulose or its mixtures.
  • Bleaching of substrates prior with cellulosic fibers.
  • Substrates discontinuous processes with synthetic or mixed cellulosic fibers.
  • Process for simultaneously bleaching and substrates dyeing with cellulosic fibers.
  • Tincture nonionic soaping with reactive dyes.


  • Low foaming.
  • Due to its high detergency power, it gives good hydrophilicity cellulosic substrates, even small amounts of application.
  • Wetting power.
  • It emulsifies oils removed from the fibers without risk of redeposition on substrates.
  • The product has good stability when stored under the guidelines described in the safety data sheet (SDS).


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