The Golden Technology believes that social projects help to build a more just and happier society for all. For this reason, Golden maintains active participation in Orientavida NGO that works offering the opportunity in the lives of those that participate in the Project.
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Turning Lives For More Than 10 Years

The Orientavida was founded in November 8, 1999 by Mr. John Benedict Angelieri and Mrs. Maria Celeste Chad Castro, on the occasion the mayor and the first lady of the city of Potim, with the intention to help disadvantaged people to fight, with efficiently, poverty and lack of opportunity.

The work started small, teaching embroidery in bags, being the first monitor Mrs. Maria Castro Chad Edina, mother of the founder. The initial results were amazing and well accepted in the market. Since the earliest pieces made, the Orientavida held a successful trajectory, improving and expanding their projects. The year of 2003 was a mark of great achievements, because the NGO was authorized by the museum “Maison Du boutis”, headquartered in France, represented by its President, Madame Francine Nicole, to produce boutis and piquê of Provence, embroidery in French techniques. The training was administered personally by the teacher who trained 35 embroiderers, with excellent results. Were these embroiderer that in 2007, used this technique to embroider the trousseau of Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Brazil. The same year the Orientavida began its participation in trade shows, launching their products with its own branded. It expanded the market serving the merchants and also developed unique products for some special clients. There are more than 1000 clients throughout Brazil and 15 abroad.