A Brazilian Company present in more than 20 countries worldwide and more than 30 years of experience in chemical sustainable technologies.

The Company

We started with the production of chemical auxiliaries for textile industry, and then we expanded the portfolio of products to the all textile segment, from the preparation, dyeing, special finishing until printing.

In the supply of inputs have been working with qualified producers and aligned with environmental considerations, spread across the world.

Today we are present in more than 20 countries in North, Central and Latin America, Europe, Asia and North Africa.

The plant in Brazil is located in the state of São Paulo. We have also a productive unit in Central America and Europe.

In the city of Sao Jose dos Campos – Sao Paulo, Brazil, we have the Innovation Research Center, where we sought to develop new technologies, offering our customers a high quality technical support, based on international standards.

Complementing the strategy in the search of State of the Art technologies the company keeps in asset a series of partnerships with universities globally.

The company works with a strong technical bias, offering courses on textile processes to both technical personal in our clients and universities. Combined with this strategy, the company has edited and published 3 technical books for the textile sector, authored by employees and consultants of Golden.

We are strongly committed with the environment. Our research has been centered around innovations that use less water in textile processes, and also smaller energy consumption, with processes that demand less execution time and with a competitive cost.

The highly technical profile of the company becomes effective, when in the manufacturing area are employed only 35% of the active staff of the entire company. Taking a high concentration of skilled people employed in the area of technical intelligence.


Since its foundation the company has as philosophy and mission exceed the expectations and needs of its clients through the excellence in services and products.

Golden Technology is committed to providing high quality products by improvements of its Services and Processes. Bringing the voice of its customers at all levels of the company to have the involvement of its entire team in their favor.

Innovation Research Center

Located in Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, the Innovation Research Center of Golden Technology has approximately 20 employees including trainees, chemists and engineers, dedicated to research and working for its clients and partners. Also performs its activities for textile industry and other segments.


Create innovative technological solutions that positively impact people’s lives.


Be the reference in innovative solutions.


  • Sustainability
  • Commitment/Passion
  • Confidence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Knowledge
  • Authenticity

Quality Politics

  1. Develop a relationship with mutual benefits with clients and suppliers.
  2. Provide to clients products and technologies which facilitate theirs objectives.
  3. Promote continuous development of our professionals through training.
  4. Promote technological upgrading of the technical staff and applications processes.
  5. Promote to the stakeholders awareness on use of natural resources, occupational health and safety at work.



São José dos Campos, February 19th, 2019